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Covering letter

Your covering letter plays an important part in the selection procedure for our degree program. It offers you a unique opportunity to present a structured, one-page summary of why you should be awarded a place on the degree program.

What have you already studied, and in which subjects did you major in your first degree? What was the subject or the result of your final dissertation or diploma thesis? Why do you want to enrol for the Honours Master's program East European Studies at the LMU Munich or Regensburg University? Which themes or research questions would you like to cover during the program? Have you ever had points of contact with the themes which interest you? What have your experiences with Eastern Europe been to date? How have you been actively involved on a political, social or community level? Have you completed internships which are relevant to this degree program? What were your specific tasks, what did you learn?

In your covering letter, please do not make sweeping statements (“The nations need to understand each other better...”; “the problems in Eastern Europe need to be solved...”), and do not waste space stating the obvious (“I would hereby like to apply for a place on the degree program...”). Instead, detail with as much precision as possible your theoretical and practical expertise, your experiences to date, your abilities, the fields of study which interest you and the career path you wish to follow.